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What is BPA anyway?

on December 1, 2011
It seems like we can’t go anywhere these days without hearing how important it is to reuse water bottles.  Buy a cute, aluminum bottle and throw it in your bag.  Oh, and make sure it’s BPA free while you’re at it.  Stop being so wasteful already!!
But, is the concern about wasting plastic?  Water?  Or something else?  What the heck is BPA and why should I care?
BPA stands for bisphenol A (pronounced “bis-fee-nol”) and is a synthetic chemical most commonly used in the production of clear, hard plastic.  Food containers, baby bottles, water bottles and the resin lining of some food cans, like soup and beans.  The problem with it is that it behaves like the hormone estrogen and therefore is an “endocrine disruptor”.  Since the endocrine system is made up of hormones and glands that manage brain development and the reproductive system, it’s worrysome to think about how BPA might be dismanteling our insides.
In fact, according to Eating Well Magazine, several recent studies have shown links between BPA and prostate/breast cancer, infertility, heart disease and diabetes.
Come back tomorrow for some quick tips on how to make small changes for the safety and health of your family.

One response to “What is BPA anyway?

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