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Are your kids eating Twinkies for breakfast?

on December 8, 2011

Probably not, but according to this study by the Environmental Working Group, they may as well be.  The study compared cereals according to voluntary federal guidelines which state that kids’ cereal should not contain any more than 26 percent added sugar by weight, and many failed, by a long shot.  The worst offenders, with more than 50% added sugar (imagine your child’s bowl of milk with 50% sugar, and 50% cereal), were Kellogg’s Honey Smacks and Post Golden Crisp.  Honey Smacks contains more sugar than a Twinkie, and 44 other cereals they tested contain more sugar than three Chip’s Ahoy cookies!  Kids need brain food for breakfast that is high in protein, fiber and healthy carbs as sugar will cause them to feel tired mid way through their morning and studies have shown will lower their ability to concentrate — not a great idea if they are in the midst of a science lesson.

Here are the cereals to avoid:

  • Honey Smacks
  • Golden Crisps
  • Froot Loop Marshmallow
  • Captain Crunch OOPS All Berries
  • Captain Crunch Original
  • Quaker Oats Ohs!
  • Kellogg’s Smorz
  • Kellogg’s Apple Jack’s
  • Captain Crunch’s Crunch Berries
  • Froot Loops Original
Here are some better, big brand choices:
  • Kellogg’s Mini Wheat’s; Unfrosted or Frosted Bite Size; Frosted Big Bite or Little Bite
  • Cheerios
  • Kix
There are many other quick breakfast options, such as instant oatmeal or a quick smoothie that you can prepare the night before, but if your child loves cereal, just look for a smaller ingredient list, whole grains, fiber and most importantly, sugar content.  If sugar is one of the first couple of ingredients, you should probably skip it.


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