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Add a little sunshine to your little ones lives…

on December 29, 2011

My kids were preemies and the NICU doctors strongly recommended that we give them a daily infant vitamin for their first year.  Once they turned one and were eating a varied diet, I stopped giving it to them, and while they seem perfectly fine, I have read so much research about vitamin D deficiency in children lately, that one of my “small steps to a healthier 2012” is to start giving them a daily vitamin with an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Recent results by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 61% of children are vitamin D insufficient, and 9% are deficient.   Low levels of vitamin D can contribute to poor bone and heart health, as well as other diseases.  It’s very difficult to get enough vitamin D through one’s diet alone, so it’s critical to get some sunlight everyday as UV-B sunlight converts a form of cholesterol on the skin into vitamin D.  The main problem, however, is that kids today lead a more sedentary lifestyle and don’t spend enough time outdoors, and even those that do are using sunblock, which blocks UV-B rays.  But sunblock is also critical to prevent skin disease, so what can we do to ensure our kids are getting enough of this crucial vitamin?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 400IU of vitamin D per day in supplement form, this includes infants, especially those that are breastfed.  Most infant and children’s vitamins have 400IU, so you can choose just about any brand.  You can also offer more vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, pork, salmon, canned tuna, and foods that are fortified with vitamin D such as milk, yogurt, cheese, breakfast cereals.

Yet another small step to a healthier 2012!


2 responses to “Add a little sunshine to your little ones lives…

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