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A New Way To Serve An Old Favorite

on January 7, 2012

It’s that time of the year again where our selection of fresh fruit is limited to bananas, apples, pears, oranges and a few other things that are imported from 6,000 miles away and barely make it through the journey.  While I use lots of frozen berries, peaches and mangos for smoothies, oatmeal, etc, since my son yelled “no mooo pears” earlier this week, I’ve been looking for more interesting ways to serve the winter fruits.  Last night I decided to try baked apples and they were a huge success!

I cut 2 apples in half, cored them, added a dab of butter and sprinkled some cinnamon and nutmeg and placed them in a tray in my toaster oven and baked for 20 min at 375, then flipped them (skin up) for another 20.  They were soft and sweet, and the kids really enjoyed them.  For older kids, you can core the inside, leave them whole and add a variety of things including honey, brown sugar, raisins, currants, cranberries, nuts, cinnamon, butter, etc.  Then place them in a pan with some water or juice (just enough to cover the bottom) and bake covered with foil for 45 min at 350.  You can make one per person and serve with some vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt — a great dessert that includes a serving of a SuperFruit!  It doesn’t get better than that!


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