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Are Fewer of Us Asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

on January 12, 2012

An article in yesterday’s NY Times (“We’re Eating Less Meat.  Why?”) asks an interesting question.  Why are we eating less meat?  Sure, there are issues and health concerns surrounding “animal degredation and animal abuse”, a growing awareness and concern with the usage of antibiotics in animal feel, the failing economy, a growing export business, and traditional methods that are no longer profitable.  But Mark Bittman’s main point is that maybe we don’t need this long list.  Maybe we are more informed than ever before and don’t want to just “follow the herd” of past, meat-guzzling generations.  Maybe we hate the idea of what those antibiotics might be doing to us and our children. 

Maybe we have an opinion on the topic and a choice to execute it. 

Here’s Mark’s:

What’s yours?




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