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First We Had Arsenic In Our Apple Juice, Now Our Orange Juice Is Toxic, What’s Next?

on February 3, 2012








Just a couple of months ago we learned that our apple juice had high levels of arsenic.  Now, it’s our orange juice which has been found to be tainted with carbendazim, an illegal fungicide which is linked to infertility and testicular damage.  So how did this illegal toxin make it our breakfast table?  Just like the apples which were mostly imported from China, these oranges are imported from Brazil, where they use carbendazim to protect their crops, regardless of the fact that it is extremely toxic.  Just last month, Coca Cola and Pepsi announced to the FDA that their orange juices were found to tainted with this toxin. Pepsi and Coca-Cola account for 60% of all orange juice sold in the U.S. with brands including Tropicana, Minute Maid and Simply Orange.

The two major issues here is how much fruit we are importing and how regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, are failing to properly inspect this food.  85% of the apple juice sold in the US is made from apples imported from China, which are not the same quality as U.S. grown apples and why they are used for juice.  About half of all the fruit we consume is imported.  That doesn’t mean it is all bad, it just means we need to me more aware of where our food is coming from and what potential issues may arise because of that country’s farming and manufacturing practices.  Until the FDA can protect us, we need to try and protect ourselves.



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