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Sugar and Spice and Everything…Toxic?

on February 6, 2012

I stopped at Starbucks today and as I turned to get some milk for my coffee, I saw a woman and her daughter, camped in front of the milk station.  I stood in disbelief as I watched the daughter dip her little hand into the Equal packets and pull out no less than five, before handing them to her mother.  Quickly, the mom shook the packets, expertly ripped all five tops at once and poured their powdery contents into her cup.   Off they went.  The little girl, happy to help her mom with a morning ritual and the mom, probably feeling good that she didn’t “waste” the calories on sugar.  Zero calories!  I found the secret!

If only it were that easy.  What an example to set.

According to Brandom Keim at Wired magazine, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco recently reported on a current proposal that is attempting to declare sugar a “toxic substance”.  Did my Starbucks friend know this and adeptly avoid poisoning her body?  Probably not.  While it seems unlikely that the toxic title will be branded across the sugar bags in your grocery store anytime soon, it calls to question all the problems we impose on ourselves by ingesting too much sugar.  Even further, what we do to ourselves by ingesting the zero-calorie alternatives.  And what our kids learn along the way.  Read on to find out…


2 responses to “Sugar and Spice and Everything…Toxic?

  1. […] also linked the the growth and development of tumors?  We first addressed this issue in our post Sugar Spice and Everything…Toxic back in February.  CBS takes a more in depth look at sugar and its impact.  We encourage everyone […]

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