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Our Favorite Valentine Crafts for Kids

on February 13, 2012

As my kids get older, one of the things I look forward to is working on arts and crafts with them, especially during the holidays.  They just turned two, so the projects need to be quite simple, but this weekend they managed to make heart shaped cards for everyone in the family with crayons, glitter pens and stickers that I, while slightly biased, think they look great!  They also helped me string together some hearts that I cut out from construction paper into a long string of heart garland that I (proudly) hung in their play area.  As I come across other great ideas, I save them for the coming years.  Here are some that I can’t wait to try:







1. “Stained Glass” Hearts – Easy to make and they look great on a sunny window, not to mention, you can save them for next year!  Here’s how.











2. Valentine drinking straws – great for a Valentine party or for your child to give to their friends, details can be found here.








3. Valentine Crayons – I looovvveee this idea!  What a great, useable and earth friendly gift.  Just keep all the old broken crayons and you can make these for any holiday!  This one is one our list for next year!  Take a look.








4. Friendship bracelets – This is perfect for those children who have lots of BFFs and want to make them feel special, they are fairly easy to make, so they can make a few, and personalize them in their friend’s favorite colors, both a thoughtful and fashionable gift.  Easy instructions can be found here.








5. Send a Hug – The perfect Valentine gift for grandma, grandpa or anyone else who can use a hug.  All you need is some paper, paint and ribbon, ta-da!  Here are more details.

Check back tomorrow for some yummy Valentine treats!


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