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Valentine Treats For Your Loves

on February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!  My children are just approaching the age where they get really excited about sweet treats, especially new ones, so today, I’ll be making a few these healthy ones for their afternoon snack and after dinner dessert.  Do you have any Valentine snack ideas that your kids love?  We’d love to hear them!








1. Healthy Peanut Butter Rice-Krispie Treats – this snack idea from the NapTimeChef is a SuperTreat packed with whole grains, protein and dried fruit.  We’ll be having these with a tall glass of milk this afternoon, here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try.










2. Valentine Pancakes – Breakfast for dinner anyone?  These red pancakes are made with roasted and pureed beets, providing some veggies with every bite, it really doesn’t get better than that!  Here’s the recipe from Weelicious.

For some quick ideas try:

– Valentine fruit kabobs – with strawberry, watermelon, grapes

– Cut out whole wheat bread and strawberry jelly sandwiches with heart shaped cookie cutters

– Make pink and red yogurt parfaits by alternating yogurt with raspberries/strawberries and granola (mix half strawberry with half plain yogurt to keep sugar down)



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