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Make these pancakes and freeze the extras for breakfast this week

on February 25, 2012

I am notorious for messing with the heat setting on my stove while I make pancakes.  Too light.  Too dark.  Too mushy.  Or my husband’s favorite question, “is this cooked all the way through?”  The perpetual trial and error of the “perfect” cake is both my joy and pain.  But I refuse to give up.  Thankfully, I recently came across Cooking Light’s Common Cooking Mistakes and celebrated that #40 made the cut.  “For pancake perfection, prep the pan.”  Thank you very much!

So, this weekend, when I pulled out a Ricotta Pancake recipe from, I was excited to not only try my new skills, but try this yummy new recipe.  I did make one alteration, by adding whole wheat flour.  The recipe doesn’t specify what type of flour to use, so I chose my own.

As my daughter’s asked for “more” again and again, I knew I had a hit.  Make some for your family this weekend and save the extras in the freezer.

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