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Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

on March 2, 2012
If there’s one thing we love in the kitchen and in life (especially with children involved) it’s a healthy imagination.  So, we have to say a big thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr Seuss for providing decades of just that.  With 44 books written and illustrated, it’s easy to believe that more than 200 million copies of Dr Seuss books are neatly tucked away on shelves around the globe.  Or not so neatly, depending on whose kid was in charge of cleaning up.
Whenever I read Dr Seuss to my girls I’m always trying to read quickly.  Like I’m trying to read quickly.  With a purpose.  Watching me trip over silly rhyming words always gets them giggling.  If I’m being honest, I normally join in with them.  My personal favorite tongue twister is from “Fox in Socks”.  There’s a passage about a tweedle beedle battle that shouldn’t be missed.
In the interest of imaginative food, we are excited to try this yummy Green Eggs and Ham healthy alternative recipe from WebMD.  Our favorite part is the fact that they don’t recommend adding green food coloring to the eggs.  They use pesto instead.  Talk about using your imagination.

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