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Vegetables. Now You See Them, Now You Don’t?

on March 5, 2012

Before I had kids, I had no problem with the whole “hide vegetables in other foods so your kids eat them” movement.  But now that I have kids, I find myself walking the line when it comes to meal time and their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  Okay, just vegetables.  They’d eat 42 apples, pears and bananas a day if I let them.

My old standbys: broccoli, carrots, caulifower, peas, corn, sweet potatoes….they’re great.  My girls scarf them down.  But sometimes I’ll throw some brussel sprouts, lima beans, or chick peas their way.  One days they’ll eat with glee.  The next day, it’s a work of art on the floor.  What’s a chef to do?  Hide and seek or show and tell?  I just don’t see them growing up and reaching for vegetables if I’ve convinced them that they’ve somehow gotten away with not learning to love them on their own.  Then again, wouldn’t I prefer to know they are eating vegetables now and worry about the other part later?  And I love making soup because I know exactly what they are getting.  Should I sit them down before handing them the spoon and run through the list of ingredients to show my transparency?  Who has time for that?

Ahhh, the inevitable parenting see-saw.  Up down, up down.

Turns out Science Daily says show and tell is the way to go.  They even site a package of carrots being eaten more frequently when it had the McDonald’s logo on it.  I’m not lovin’ that.


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