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101 shortcuts for healthy meals and why I still decided not to cook my husband dinner

on March 7, 2012

Every Tuesday night, my husband plays basketball in a league with some guys from work.  Therefore, Tuesday is usually my day of the week to slack off a bit with dinner.  It’s not like my husband demands a 5 course meal (or like I’m the kind of wife who would whip that up) but for some reason, one less person at the dinner table takes some of the heat off.  Especially when the only other people with me at the dinner table would be happy just eating slices of cheese and apple sauce.  However, I still try to have a little something left over from whatever I make for my husband when he gets home, ravaged from an hour running up and down the court.

Rewind to 30 minutes ago when I sent ta text to my husband.  “I didn’t make dinner.”  Translation: “The girls and I went to a birthday party and ate there.  I’m off the hook.  You’re on your own.”  Ok, ok, I got a little pleasure from the text.  Sometimes I feel like the cook on staff.

In any case, the part of me (most of me) that enjoys making healthy, delicious meals for my family, does need to think ahead not just on Tuesday nights but ALL nights.

That said, I wish I could have 101 lists of 101 shortcuts for…everything.  But I can only find this 101 healthy shortcuts put together by Super Healthy Kids and for that…I salute them.

No surprise, a lot of these require nothing more than a little planning ahead.  Some that I already live by?  Prep dinner at breakfast (I literally do this all the time), make double and store it in the freezer (just today, I doubled meatballs and chicken nuggets), and use a binder with clear sheet protectors for recipes.  Others I can’t wait to try? Plant a garden (hopefully in my new yard this summer), make ahead snack packs, and make/store homemade mixes.  So easy!


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