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4 Days of 4 Leaf Clover Ideas

on March 11, 2012

Today kicks off “4 Days of 4 Leaf Clover Ideas”.  St Patrick’s Day is upon us.  Only a few days away and plenty of time to have some fun in the kitchen and at the art table with the kids.  I’m excited.

Day 1 starts off in the kitchen, where this SuperMama was inspired by Will Cook For Food’s “Shamrock Cucmber Tea Sandwiches”

I made some changes and swaped out some of the ingredients.  I tend not to give my girls cream cheese very often.  Probably because I don’t really eat it.  So I went with hummus (which they LOVE).  The nice part about St Patrick’s Day themed food is that green is a common veggie color.  If it’s presented in a fun way, kids might be more likely to try a bite or two.


2 whole wheat English muffins or

4 oz of hummus

2 T shredded part skim mozzarella cheese

12 slices of cucumber

4 thin slices of green pepper

Fresh parsley (I kept this on for the presentation and took it off when they asked me if it was a leaf)


1. Split the English muffins in half and cut out shamrocks in the muffin halves.










2. Spread hummus and sprinkle cheese on top

3. Place 3 cucumbers on each leaf. Use the green pepper slice as a stem. Place a parsley leaf on top of the sandwich.


One response to “4 Days of 4 Leaf Clover Ideas

  1. […] How the Dr Oz team found us was quite miraculous.  While searching through the thousands of examples of plate art available online (thank you, Pinterest!) they stumbled on one of ours from St Patrick’s Day 2012. […]

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