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Healthier Easter Baskets

on April 4, 2012

Easter is a time of year where jellybeans, peeps, chocolate eggs, and just about every other candy seem to overflow on the shelves at the stores and supermarkets.  While we know that all of that candy is unhealthy, we found a few tips to help you a few tips with regard to how you and your family can still enjoy these treats without overindulging.

1. Never omit candy from your children’s Easter baskets.  Put a few treats in their basket.  Depriving them of this will only create negative habits that could lead to bingeing on things such as candy and sweets.  It also helps them learn about portion control and moderation.  Let them have one serving of candy as a treat.

2. Use hard-boiled egg as an Easter themed breakfast.  They are a great source of protein and fat, which helps with childhood brain development and critical thinking.

3. Add fun things to their baskets as an alternative.  Look for things that might peak their interest.  Here are a few ideas we found for alternatives to candy.

  • organic fruit leathers
  • chamomile tea bags 
  • organic sunflower seeds for the garden (any seed pack would work) 
  • a small box of Glee Gum 
  • some natural children’s toothpaste and a new toothbrush 
  • natural lotion and soap 
  • a few dark chocolates
  • art supplies
  • polished stones 
  • crystals
  • marbles 
  • crayons
  • money
  • raw nuts and seeds 
  • dried cranberries 
  • dried mango 

4. Don’t over schedule with holiday parties as these will lead to an abundance of candy.  Instead, pick one or 2 egg hunts or parties you would like to attend and stick with those.

5. Pause and reflect.  Talk about the actual meaning of the holiday instead of simply obsessing over what’s in the Easter basket.



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