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Garlic, not only flavorful but a Super-nutrient as well!

on April 14, 2012


Like most, I love adding garlic to meals in order to give them great flavor. I always knew garlic was packed with nutrients, but until reading this article, I had no idea it had such great antibiotic properties similar to those found in Penicillin. In addition to that, garlic is also known to decrease the size of certain tumors and help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Here are some easy ways to add garlic to your diet:

Add garlic to pasta dishes. Chop or mince several cloves of garlic and toss them into spaghetti sauce. Add a few cloves of garlic to your blender or food processor when making pesto. Spoon mashed or minced garlic into Alfredo or cheese based sauces. Toss chopped garlic into pasta salads.

Include garlic in your salads. Mince garlic and include it in salad dressings. Toss a small diced garlic piece and fresh vegetables into traditional salads. Add garlic to potato or macaroni salads. Use fresh, roasted or sauteed garlic in whole grain salads like tabbouleh.

Prepare your vegetables with garlic. Add roasted garlic to mashed potatoes for added flavor. Saute green beans in garlic and butter. Roast potatoes, squash, turnips and other vegetables with garlic in a hot oven. Rub garlic over corn on the cop before grilling.

Add garlic to soups and stocks. Use whole cloves to make broth. Slice up garlic to add to vegetable soups. Puree garlic with potatoes or squash in thick, creamy soups.Top soups with raw fresh garlic as a garnish.

Use garlic to season seafood, meat and poultry. Use garlic-based marinades or rub fresh garlic onto meat before grilling or baking. Stuff cloves of garlic into chicken or cut slices into beef roasts and insert garlic into these pockets before roasting.

Use garlic oil, garlic powder or garlic salt to season your foods instead of just salt and pepper.



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