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Farmer’s Markets: The Hidden Gem In Your Town

on May 7, 2012

With spring in full force, that means that the Farmer’s Markets are full of healthy, often organic product, a variety of fresh flowers, juices, jams, in addition to many fresh baked goods.  I love farmer’s markets because it is a great way to support local businesses and farms, you know the produce is fresh, and it is a great experience.  Many farmer’s markets also accept food vouchers and coupons to help make fresh produce readily available to all.  It depends on the market you go to, but in general I have found the prices to be the same that they would be in the market or in same cases less than the price in the market, which is great because you are getting quality produce and you actually know where it is coming from.

This is the perfect place to take your children and get them involved in what you are buying and preparing.  Let them walk around the market and have them select the fruit or vegetable that catches their eye so that they can feel like they are helping.  You can take it a step further and let them help you make the meal with their items selected as well!  Another great thing about farmer’s markets is that most stands offer samples of their produce, this is a great way to also have your children try new vegetables and fruits without committing to them first.  Who knows, they may even discover their new favorite vegetable at the market!

There is also a great new cookbook out called “At The Farmer’s Market With The Kids” that not only provides additional tips and ideas on how to get involved in the farmers market but healthful recipes that use the produce you find at the market as well.

To find local farmer’s markets near you, visit the Local Harvest site



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