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A Few Of Our Favorite Things….

on May 14, 2012

I always love to share my latest “find” with fellow parents, especially when it comes to kid “things”.   The market is so saturated with products for kids that I personally find it easier to buy something based on advice of a parent that has actually used it, rather than my own gut feeling.  One perfect example was my search for a super moisturizer for my daughter’s eczema.  She was diagnosed as a baby and would get these awful patches on her face.  Initially, we went to a pediatric dermatologist and she was on a prescription cream, but I didn’t want to keep medicating her, so I purchased several (very expensive) “baby” creams that claimed to treat “very dry skin”, but nothing worked.  Then Katie suggested I use Aquaphor on her dry patches and guess what?  Her skin was noticeably better the very next day!  We have used it on her regularly for over a year now and her eczema is minimal.  Those are the type of finds that I love to share!  They are lifesavers.  Here are a few of Katie’s favorite kid things.

Katie’s Favorite Kid Things:

Sunscreen: Blue Lizard sunscreen – easy to put on and doesn’t irritate (this is a BIG theme in our house)
Toy: KidKraft Retro Kitchen – just as cute as Pottery Barn, at a fraction of the price
Bath Product: Everyday Shea Bubble Bath – does not irritate my VERY sensitive children’s skin
Book: Curious George Books – they are really into bigger, soft covered books and always sit, enraptured in these stories – probably because he’s getting into trouble!
Activity: Painting toenails – I have two girls who LOVE pink!  Granny painted their toenails a few weeks ago and made their year!
Movie: Winnie the Pooh (2011) – adorable story
Product: Oral B Kids Flossers – easy to use and the girls don’t complain.  I love them!
Come back tomorrow for more favorite things!

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