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Exotic Fruit Alternatives For Some of Your Favorite Fruits

on May 20, 2012


Have you ever wondered what fruits are similar to some of your favorites like apples and bananas? provided a great list of alternatives to these staple fruits, many of which are uncommon, so it is a great way to try a new item!  Even better, it will help you bump up your fruit intake, which almost 80% of us fall short on.


1. Papaya has similar nutritional value to apples and even more fiber than an apple.

2. The Quince fruit has a similar taste to an apple, however it tends to be a little more dense and tart.


1. Kiwi have similar nutritional values to that of a banana.  They also happen to be one of the top 5 nutrient dense fruits.

2. Plantains have a similar texture and taste like a combination of a banana and sweet potato.


1. Guava has similar nutritional value to watermelon and have an abundance of lycopene which helps reduce cancer risk.

2. Asian Pears have a similar texture to watermelon with the added bonus of an unexpected sweetness.


1. Star fruit has similar nutritional value to oranges and is packed with the same amount of Vitamin C which makes it a great alternative.

2. Kumquat’s look like small oranges and have a similar texture except they tend to be more tart.



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