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Cabbage: The overlooked superfood

on May 22, 2012

I will be the first one to admit that even as an adult, I tend to stay away from cabbage.  It has just been that vegetable that I cannot bring myself to eat.  I put myself on a mission this year to try out fruits and veggies that I never eat in hopes of finding a new favorite item.  After looking into cabbage, I discovered that it is packed with nutrients and health benefits which made me even more eager to try it!

Cabbage is available through the year which makes it easily accessible.  Cabbage can be eaten raw or put in any dish as well.  Cabbage is packed with Vitamins C which helps the immune system, Vitamin A which is essential for healthy vision, and Vitamin B which is key to support the nervous system.  Cabbage is also full of Iron and Fiber.

In addition to this, consuming cabbage on a regular basis can also help to reduce cholesterol and prevent certain cancers through the abundance of antioxidants and glucosinolates.  Cabbage is also linked to helping reduce and heal peptic ulcers due to the key nutrients essential for digestive health.  This superfood also contains anti-inflammatory properties and has nutrients that help reduce the signs of aging through the high amount of beta-carotene.



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