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Ending Childhood Hunger By 2015: What Can You Do?

on May 29, 2012

A few weeks ago, while enjoying a lavish meal I had cooked for my friends and I, a documentary called Hunger Hits Home, came on TV.  After watching this, I suddenly found myself feeling guilty and sad that I was sitting down gorging on an abundance of food and not thinking about it without even stopping to think about the millions who might not even get that much food in a single week.  It shadows the lives of 3 different families in various parts of the country who are all struggling to make ends meet which as a result has led to to them going hungry for extended periods of time due to lack of food.  The documentary also puts an emphasis on childhood hunger.  It takes an in depth look at the No Child Hunger Campaign, including information on how everyone can get involved.  At the same time, the film highlights America’s hunger activists who are hard at work on a solution, including a determined food pantry founder who makes the battle personal and an elementary school principal who refuses to let his students go hungry. It documents the hard work of government officials and non-profit leaders who are moving mountains to mobilize necessary resources while outlining the path for you to join the fight.

After watching this, I must say that I was truly saddened and touched by this documentary.  It is heartbreaking to know that there are so many children and families going hungry in this country and it is only rising.  With school almost out for the summer, many children who rely on free school lunches will be left without options during the summer months, luckily some school systems are putting summer lunch programs into place so that these children can be guaranteed a meal during their summer vacation.  These programs rely on donations and personal contributions.  This is also another reason why local food banks are important to support as well seeing as many of these families rely on these daily meals to receive a majority of their daily nutritional needs that they will not receive otherwise.

You can donate your time or resources simply by finding your nearest food bank or by giving to the No Kid Hungry Campaign so that for every dollar donated, it provides up to 10 meals for a single child.  The goal has been set to help end childhood hunger by 2015!

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