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Dehydration Prevention For Your Children

on May 30, 2012

With temperatures soaring and school out for the summer, that means that outdoor activities are a necessity during these warm months.  While we all know how important sunscreen is for our children, one thing that many of us might not think about as much is the importance of hydration, especially with water.  Children are more likely to become dehydrated than adults so as parents, it is especially important to make sure they are constantly replenishing the fluids lost while playing outside during the summer, if not, they could possible develop heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke.

Signs of Dehydration:

– Thirst

– Dry or sticky mouth

– Headaches

– Dizziness

– Weakness

– Cramps

Ways To Prevent Dehydration:

– Have them drink 12oz of fluids such as water, 30 minutes prior to going outdoors.  A rule of thumb is that 1 ounce is approximately 2 sips.

– Children under 90 pounds should drink 5 ounces every 20 minutes during the activity. Children over 90 pounds should drink 9 ounces every 20 minutes during the activity.

– During playtime, have breaks so that everyone can get hydrated.

– After playtime, have a refreshing liquid for them to replenish any lost fluids.

We all know that getting children to drink water can sometimes be difficult, this website has ideas for ways to make drinking water fun for them!



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  1. […] and Water- Earlier this week, we talked about the harm that dehydration can cause but what we tend to forget about, especially while at the beach is food contamination. […]

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