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Essentials To Keeping Your Kids Safe At The Beach This Summer

on June 2, 2012

With the summer beach season officially on us, we tend to become more excited about getting onto the beach and forget about some of the harmful dangers that our kids can face while at the beach.  Here are some great reminders to keeping your family safe this summer so that you can ensure each beach trip is enjoyable!!

Sunburns– While this may seem like a no-brainer for most, many do not realize that a child who gets a blistered sunburn is more likely to develop melanoma later in life.  Apply a broad-spectrum, waterproof sunscreen liberally to all areas of exposed skin.  It is also important to make sure that you reapply.  Even if a sunscreen says it is waterproof or sweat resistant, it is still important that you apply every 2 hours for adults and 90 minutes for children.  In addition to this, make sure your children have hats, sunglasses, as well as beach umbrellas to provide additional shade and escape from the harsh rays.

Swimming– While your child may be an excellent swimmer in your pool, this does not guarantee that they will be as comfortable in the ocean.  Since the currents and waves are enough to overpower even the strongest swimmers, it is important to make sure that everyone who goes in the ocean has a buddy with them.  In addition to this, make sure that you swim away from piers, rocks, and other structures since the waves are much rougher around these structures.  If some of your children are not as comfortable with swimming but still want to enjoy the ocean, you should check into getting a Coast Guard approved life vest for them.

Food and Water– Earlier this week, we talked about the harm that dehydration can cause but what we tend to forget about, especially while at the beach is food contamination.  With the hot sun beating down on the food we have at our beach picnics, it is easy to forget about proper storage for perishable items.  That is why it is much better to pack non-perishable items such as crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, and dried fruits.  If you do have perishable items, make sure that they are securely packed in a cooler.

Ocean Life– One thing that always slips our minds until it is too late, is the marine life in the water, especially jellyfish.  When the water temperatures start to get warmer, they will start coming to the shore.  If you see them washed up on the shore, make sure you advise your children not to touch them, even if they appear to be dead.  The same goes for crabs as well, since one of their defense mechanisms is to play dead.

In addition to this, make sure you are near a lifeguard stand on the beach and pay close attention to any signs or warnings about water, animals, or areas of the ocean that you should not go to.  Following these tips will help your family enjoy a pleasant beach season!!



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