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5 Essential Items To Keep Your Children Safe At The Beach

on June 6, 2012

Over the weekend we talked about ways to keep your kids safe while at the beach.  Today we are giving you a guide to the best beach friendly clothing and accessories to keep the entire family protected in the sun.

1. Sunglasses– Sure, as adults we usually remember to put our sunglasses on while at the beach or outside enjoying the sun, but we tend to forget about our little one’s as well.  These glasses from Baby Banz are great because they have a strap that fits around the head to make sure they stay secure.

2. Swimwear– A company called Solartex has swimwear and accessories for the entire family that contain SPF 50+ on all garments.  They have everything from infant and children’s swimsuits, shorts, tees, and hats to a full array of adult swimwear for men and women.  While they may be a little more expensive than a traditional swimsuit for children, the benefit of having the added protection against the sun is well worth it!!

3. Hats– They not only protect the face from harmful rays, they also help to protect the ears as well.  Since hats are usually a personal preference, let your older children select the style of hat they prefer whether it’s a baseball cap, wide brim, or floppy hat.  The Children’s Place offers a great assortment in a variety of colors and styles!

4. Swim Shoes– Children’s skin is far more sensitive than an adults, so with that being said, protection from the hot sand and strong rays on the feet is important.  Most of us do not realize that you can get severe damage and burns on the tops and bottoms of your feet since that is one of the most overlooked parts of the body next to the ears.  Swim shoes offer full protection while allowing the comfort and mobility so the shoes will not weigh the kids down and they can still enjoy their day at the beach both in and out of the water.  One Step Ahead offers a great selection of infant and kids swim shoes!

5. Sunscreen– We saved the most important beach item for last.  It is essential to make sure that your entire family has sunblock on at least 30 minutes before going to the beach.  A family of 4 should use approx 1.5-2 bottles of lotion for each full beach day.  Here is our favorite sunblock for kids.


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