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Kid Friendly Snack Ideas For The Beach

on June 12, 2012

Sure, PB&J may be the go-to lunch of choice for picnics in the park or beach days during the summer but with summer just starting, we don’t want the kids to get tired of the longtime favorite so fast.  Here are a few easy lunch ideas that travel well for those daytime trips!!

1. Sandwich rolls make a great alternative to sandwiches.  Spread them with hummus to help them stick, pile them high with the kids favorite veggies such as avocado, tomatoes, spinach, and include grilled chicken strips or turkey if desired!.  Simply slice them into bite size portions and you are good to go.  You can secure them with tooth picks or a little extra hummus!

2. Cold Pasta Salad is a great option that is easy to prepare and travels well.  Simply cook the pasta of choice (preferably whole wheat), add your favorite veggies such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and black beans for the extra protein punch.  Toss with your favorite dressing, I prefer a light Italian or Parmesan dressings.  All to sit for a little in the fridge.  Then put into individual serving containers which can double as serving dishes for the entire picnic!

3. Snack Mix is something kids can grab when they have the chance, make a simple trail mix. Toss together small snack foods like miniature pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, and shredded coconut with dried spicy ranch dip mix. You can also throw in granola or sunflower seeds. Use foods you know your kids will eat to make the mix more appealing. Package the trail mix in plastic bags or in small containers for easy transport.

4. Veggie and Fruit Skewers are not only easy to assemble, they travel well and provide a fun way to get the kids to eat there fruit and veggies.  Leftover grilled veggies make great options for veggie kabobs! Here are some ideas on fun skewer ideas!

5. Frozen Individual Containers of Yogurt make perfect treat options on a hot day!  Let them freeze overnight and during the day they will though out slightly to become more of a frozen yogurt treat that is much healthier than the ice cream offered!

6. Snacks such as crackers with cheese, string cheese, whole grain tortilla chips and salsa also make the perfect travel snacks that require little to no preparation and easy cleanup for those last minute trips!

Looking for more ideas? offers a great list of healthy alternatives to make your next picnic or beach day delicious and healthy!!

As always, food preparation and storage is essential, especially during the summer months, here are tips and tricks to make sure you and your family stay healthy at the beach!!

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