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10 DIY Father’s Day Gift and Craft Ideas The Kids Can Make For Dad

on June 15, 2012

The best gifts are often those that come from the heart and are handmade.  With Father’s Day only 2 days away, we came across several great ideas that the kids can get involved in and are easy to do!  Enjoy!

1. The traditional “tie” theme tends to be a Father’s Day staple, so when we saw this Father’s Day tie breakfast idea, it was too cute not to share!  Not only can you do a banner out of ties, but you can also make a pancake breakfast in tie shapes, and this blog even shows you how to wrap your gift so it looks like a button-down shirt with a tie on it!

2. This framed questionnaire about Dad that your kids fill out is sure to melt his heart and cause a few laughs.  Instead of using 1 single frame, you can have each of your children do one and combine them into a frame that has the appropriate amount of sections.

3. Super Dad Soda Box Set– For the Dad who loves candies or other snacks, this is a cute idea to let the kids decorate the outside of a traditional soda bottle box with their drawings and you can fill each bottle with Dad’s favorite treats such as candies, mints, sunflower seeds, etc.

4. Homemade cookies are sure to be a favorite for Dad.  You can let the kids get involved and help you bake them which makes them even more special.  Here are great cookie ideas such as a tie for dad!

5. Customized Tees for Dad made by the kids might not be one that he can wear to work but he will appreciate it just the same.  Here is a great Father’s Day tee idea that uses a bleach pen and stencil that help to make it less messy.

6. If Dad loves to play cards, this is a great DIY card deck made from photos of dad and the kids, which will always put a smile on his face whenever he is playing his next game!

7. To go along with the traditional tie theme, this is a great idea to let your children paint their own necktie for dad.

8. This “Dad Rocks” paperweight is an easy craft idea that kids of all ages can make for dad to keep at home or in the office.

9. This picture puzzle craft is perfect for your preschoolers to do, especially if you have older children working on more elaborate craft ideas.  It uses popsicle sticks and their favorite photo of dad!

10. “My Hero” Scrabble frame is a great way to let your children tell dad how much they admire him.  Take your favorite pictures of the kids and hot glue the scrabble letters onto the frame as well.

For even more ideas, this website offers an abundance of great Father’s Day craft ideas!



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