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Black Rice: One of the hottest super foods around!!

on June 20, 2012

Sure, we all know about brown rice, white rice, and a variety of substitutes, but have you heard of black rice?  It is quickly becoming one of the most talked about super foods due to the amazing health and nutritional benefits a serving offers.

Not only is black rice high in fiber, with over 2g of fiber per 1/4 cup, but it is also a great source of amino acids, iron, and is also low in calories when compared to traditional rice.  In addition to that, black rice has been linked to a reduction in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, heart attacks, and Alzheimer’s.  A serving of black rice contains a similar amount of antioxidants per serving to that of blueberries, which is the main reason why so many people love it.

Due to the increase in popularity, black rice can be found in most super markets.  One thing to keep in mind is that black rice, traditionally takes a little more time to cook than white and brown rices, but the extra time is well worth the wait.  In addition to that, you can find black rice noodles, bran cereal, sushi, and pudding as alternative options to basic rice.  It can easily be used as a substitute in any rice dish.



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