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Sunscreen Banned In Schools: Do You Think It’s Right?

on June 26, 2012

Yesterday, I read an article that was both shocking and heartbreaking.  Elementary school children in Tacoma, Washington were severely burnt after playing outside during an all-day school event due to the fact that bringing sunscreen to school and applying it is banned unless you have a doctors note, from all public schools, not only in this district, but actually in most around the country.  The children suffered severe burns, which actually led one child needing additional treatment at the hospital.  The mother is taking action with the school board, not only for her children but for all children.  As a result, the school board is making an effort to overturn the current rule.

With all of the articles and information we have on premature skin cancer and sun damage, in combination with the importance of applying SPF, allowing children to bring sunblock to school should be as accepted as allowing them to bring their lunchbox.  Many parents around the country are already working on signing petitions to submit to state and local legislatures in order to have this overturned.

What do you think?  Do schools have the right to prohibit sunscreen being sent to school and applied without a doctors note?



One response to “Sunscreen Banned In Schools: Do You Think It’s Right?

  1. marty says:

    As the parent of a redhead, I always made sure she covered up & wore sunscreen when she was going to be out for a length of time. Her health is my responsibility first. I don’t agree with the ban, but I do know kids share things they shouldn’t.

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