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The Worst Drinks For Your Kids (Some of These May Surprise You)

on July 5, 2012

With summer in full force and the temperatures soaring, it is important to keep your family hydrated, while water is the first choice, sometimes we prefer other things.  Here is  a list of the worst drinks for children and the entire family, so next time you grab one of these on the road think twice!

1. Energy Drinks– Energy drinks contain too much caffeine and sugar. Because of this, you will get a short kick and ultimately end up crashing. This combination is extremely unhealthy for children.  Choose green tea or some walnuts instead!

2. Regular Soda– A can of soda gives you empty calories and sugars. It’s equivalent to a candy bar!

3. Diet Soda– No calories, but also no nutrition! The artificial sweeteners they contain are also harmful to the body and can cause health problems down the line.  You should not be drinking more than 1 can a day!

4. Fruit Smoothies– While most fruit smoothies are nutritious, some are misleading and can pack over 700 calories into a single serving!!  Make sure they contain real fruit and not substitutes that are sugar and calorie filled.  The best option is to make your own at home and pack them into travel cups this way you know that everything that is in them is natural and delicious!

5. Frozen Drinks– While the tradition slushies and slurpees sound appealing they are also loaded with are large amount of sugar and are high in calories!

6. Juice Drinks– They may say fruit juice on the label, but don’t be fooled! Make sure it’s 100% fruit juice!  Even with that, it is always best to dilute the juice with water to reduce the natural sugars as well.

7. Flavored Water– Sure, there may be a few extra vitamins, but flavored water is made up of too much sugar! If you’re looking for flavored water, throw some fresh fruit in a glass of water!

8. Lemonade– If you’re going for lemonade over soda in an attempt to be healthy, you might as well just get the soda. Lemonade has no nutrients and contains about 6 teaspoons of sugar per cup!



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