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Creative Lunch Ideas For Kids

on July 8, 2012

Yesterday we discussed tips to help with picky eaters.  One of the tips was to make the meals fun for kids.  Here are a few creative lunch ideas that are easy to make and are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face when they see it!

1. Hot air balloon:  basket is a graham cracker, ropes are string cheese thinly cut, balloon circle is made from a banana cut in half lengthwise and made to look like a circle, interior is strawberries and celery.  The clouds are cottage cheese and the people are carrots with raisins cut into fourths!

2. The volcano: is a grilled cheese sandwich, the lava is ketchup (used for dipping) and the ground below is some rice or you could use another alternative such as quinoa or couscous.

3. Hearts: plain yogurt served in a heart shaped cookie cutter with grapes, blueberries, and strawberries along with some drizzled honey over top.  The “I” is made of celery and the “u” is made of sliced up string cheese.

4. Owl: His head/body is a peanut butter sandwich, his eyes are Ritz crackers with blueberries, wings and strawberries.  His beak and feet are carrots, and the moon is a banana.  The stars are created by placing some plain yogurt in a cake-decorating bag and using the star shaped tip. You could easily just dab the yogurt on with a small spoon if you want to recreate as well!

5. Camping scene:  Tent is made of a peanut butter sandwich, the tree trunks and ground are made of Triscuit crackers, the leaves on the trees are made of cucumber and the campfire is made out of a base of walnuts and flames of carrots and yellow pepper.

6. The basket of flowers: is made of a graham cracker basket, celery stems, and four flowers.  Flower 1:  carrots and a grape.  Flower 2: bananas and the bottom of a strawberry.  Flower 3:  a piece of toast with jam cut into the shape of a tulip.  Flower 4: rosette made of ham.

7. Little Angel: is made of a grilled cheese sandwich.  She has wings of apples and a halo of corn.  Her eyes are raisins and her mouth is a strawberry.  She sits atop fluffy clouds of yogurt.

If you need more of a visual guide, AmyNJesse provide great pictures and additional instructions for all of these!


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