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Sugar Shock: The drinks with the highest amounts of sugar

on July 28, 2012

With the NYC sugar ban being a hot topic as of lately, many researchers have started compiling lists of the worst offenders for sugar-filled beverages.  The RDA is a maximum of 36g of sugar per day which equates to about 9 teaspoons of sugar.  Most of these beverages on the list contain up to 3 times as much sugar as the most popular candy bars.

1. SoBe Energize Green Tea- This healthy green tea has taken a turn for the worse with a whopping 51 grams of sugar per serving!

2. Starbucks White Hot Chocolate- This beverage contains 76 grams of sugar which is more than 2 candy bars combined!!

3. McDonald’s Chocolate Shake- This 32oz shake has 168 grams of sugar which is the same as having 40 sugar cubes AND 6 chocolate bars!!

4. Mountain Dew- Not only is this soda packed with sugar, it also contains brominated vegetable oil which is a chemical flame retardant! Yikes!

5. Rockstar Energy Drink- Not only does this contain 62 grams of sugar, but it is also one of the few drinks which also puts a disclaimer about it not being suitable for children and pregnant women!

6. Vitamin Water- While the concept and name sound healthy, the average Vitamin Water contains 30 grams of sugar!

7. Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha- This drink is not only full of calories and fat, it has a whopping 94 grams of sugar!

8. Minute Maid Lemonade- This beverage contains as much sugar per serving as 20 sugar cubes!

9. Cold Stone Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake- Not only does this shake contain more calories than the average adult needs in a day, it has 140 grams of sugar!!



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