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10 Healthy Travel Snacks

on August 2, 2012

Trying to cram in that last family vacation of the summer?  Here are some healthy snack options perfect for the next family road trip!

Fruit: Apples and oranges are the usual standbys since they are hardy and don’t bruise easily, but don’t stop there. Try bagging blueberries into single servings. The 100 calorie serving size baggies are great for this. Other great alternatives are traditionally dried fruits or freeze dried fruits, which still give your kids health benefits without all the mess, however limit the amount of dried fruits since the sugar content can be higher.

Trail mix: Pick up some at the store or make your own with dried berries, nuts and seeds. Avoid mixes with chocolate chips since those might melt in a toasty car and may also get “preferential snacking treatment” from your kids.

Whole grain crackers: Sometimes your kids need some carbohydrates to make their stomachs feel full immediately so you can make it to the next town for lunch. Whole grain crackers are a great, healthy snack that will buy you a little more mileage. Pair it with a string cheese for an added bonus.

Baby carrots: I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes a little crunch makes snacks more enjoyable. Carrots are about as crunchy as it gets, and ridiculously good for your kids.

Fruit snacks: Keep in mind with this one that not all fruit snacks are created equal. Make sure that your fruit snacks don’t have sweeteners or artificial colorings. That being said there are multiple brands on the market that are sweetened and colored with fruit juice and relatively mess free. Plus, there is always the original fruits snack..Dried fruit!

Whole grain cereal: Cereal makes for a great snack that won’t make a mess when served dry. Pack individual servings of cereals that aren’t high in sugar so your kids don’t get stir crazy from all the sweeteners.

Rice cakes: Rice cakes are mess free and come in a variety of flavors if you kids don’t like them plain. I usually put peanut butter or almond butter on them so my kids get a little protein too, but that may not be feasible for your kids in the car, depending on age and rambunctious nature.

Pita chips: Pita chips are a great way to satisfy a chip craving without all the fat. They have also become popular enough that you can find them at lots of grocery stores.

Jerky: Depending on the age of your kids sometimes a little meat is a great snack. An added bonus is that jerky has a lot of protein so your kids will feel fuller from it longer. You can find a variety of jerky nowadays, ranging from buffalo jerky to turkey jerky.

Cherry tomatoes: These are fun to eat and relatively hardy when it comes to getting crushed.


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