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BPA In Children’s Dental Fillings Can Cause Behavioral Problems

on August 9, 2012

Earlier this week, we discussed the importance of healthy teeth in children and foods that are vital for healthy teeth and gums.  Healthy Day News recently published an article about the behavioral effects that plastic dental fillings containing BPA have in children.

Researchers looked at 534 children who had fillings for at least two cavities and examined their social skills before and five years after getting fillings.  The children who got the highest number of BPA based fillings had more emotional problems five years later than the children who got fewer of these fillings. These changes did not occur with other types of fillings.

While the researchers did state that the changes might not be noticeable to a lot of people who are around 1 individual child, they did say that if you put all of these children together in a group, you would be able to notice a visible difference in behavior.

Children who had the most BPA-based fillings were more likely four or five years later to score poorly on tests that asked the children and their parents questions like whether they had trouble making friends or felt anxious or depressed.  Overall, the researchers found that 16 percent of the children in the top third for their number of BPA-based fillings were at risk for having a behavior problem, based on a combination of children’s self-reports and parents’ descriptions, compared with only 6 percent of children in the bottom two-thirds.

The article also emphasizes the importance of proper dental care to help prevent the need for fillings in children.  Parents can help prevent cavities by helping their children brush their teeth, giving them water instead of sugary drinks and visiting the dentist twice a year.  If your child does have a cavity, talk to the dentist about where the cavity came from and how to prevent the next one.  Also discuss the filling options with the dentist to select the best one for your child.


HealthDay News



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