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A Good Breakfast Is Important For School Performance

on August 25, 2012

While we have all heard that breakfast is the most important part of the day, have you ever wondered why that is?  When we wake up each morning, our bodies have been fasting for several hours during sleep.  Eating a good breakfast provides energy for your bode and brain to function.

Studies show that over 40% of children do not eat breakfast regularly.  Letting children skip breakfast can lead to short and long-term effects.  Children tend to have poor concentration and are unable to learn complex concepts.  Meanwhile, children who eat breakfast achieved higher test scores and were more likely to be active participants in class.  Children’s metabolic rates are also lowered when they skip breakfast which can cause lack of energy and the likelihood to overeat later in the day which can lead to obesity.

It is also important to make sure that you are providing a balanced breakfast for your children.  Try to avoid doughnuts and pastries as they contain a lot of calories and sugar while providing little nutritional value.



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