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A New “Added Sugar” Label On Packaged Foods?

on August 30, 2012

While we all know processed foods typically contain larger amounts of sugars than natural foods and now the FDA wants to add an additional label onto food packages to let consumers know exactly how much added sugar is in the products.  There are many arguments for an against this proposal.  Some organizations such as the National Baker’s Association is against it as they feel that since natural and added sugars are chemically the same, adding an extra label could cause confusion and defer consumers from purchasing products that are otherwise nutritious because of confusion with the labels.

The American Heart Association is supportive of this as the FDA could rewrite current sugar labels so that the consumer could tell the difference between added sugars and naturally occurring sugars which will help them make better food choices while shopping. “t is, of course, true that people can be misled if they overly focus on one particular facet of a food and that current labels on food packages are very good at helping us get confused that way. “Low-fat” items can contain just as many calories as higher-fat foods, and “organic” processed foods can be just as junky as any other kind, and just because Lucky Charms are made with whole grains, that does not make them a health food.”



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