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Olive Oil Helps To Build Strong Bones

on September 9, 2012

Olive Oil is a staple in most homes since it is a healthier oil option and provides great flavor.  A new study has also shown that it can play a part in maintaining healthy bones as well!

Studies have shown that the the incidence of osteoporosis in Europe is lower in regions where individuals follow a traditional Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables and includes a high intake of olives and olive oil.

Members of the study were randomly assigned to three groups. One group ate a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil, another ate a Mediterranean diet supplement with mixed nuts, and the third ate a low fat diet.   Those who consumed a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil experienced a significant increase in levels of osteocalcin, a protein related with increased bone mineral density, while those in the other groups did not.

So end the end, make sure to load up on fruits, veggies, fresh fish, and, of course, olive oil. Strong bones are just one more advantage of adopting this diet with a slew of health benefits!



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