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Natural Products Expo East, Here We Come!

on September 10, 2012


In a little over a week, we will make our way to Baltimore, MD for the 2012 Natural Products Expo East.  In keeping with the start of the NFL season, it’s like the Super Bowl of Natural Food.  It is where established and fledgling companies (like us!) go to debut new products, educate consumers, and connect with like-minded food manufacturers and industry colleagues.  More than 22,000 people are expected to attend.

Remember when we posted about the Fancy Food Show earlier this year?  We were in attendance, “warming up” for this event.  Now it’s game time.  (Are you sick of the sports analogies yet?  Ok, I’ll get my head back in the game…)

At the Expo East, we will put months of planning, preparation and time into action as we debut out launch product MySuperSnack (soft) Granola Bites.  Available in three yummy flavors, Apple Raisin, Blueberry Banana Acai, and Chocolate Chip, we are ready to get the passers by excited about all that our products have to offer.  Nutrition, taste, convenience and fun!  Don’t you wish you could attend and try some?

If you are attending, by some chance, stop by and see us!  We are in booth #8412.  Until then, get excited with us.  And stay tuned for more updates, info, and live posts from the floor room.


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