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The Benefits of Thiamin aka B1 Vitamin

on September 28, 2012

With cold and flu season right around the corner, it is important to make sure the family is getting all of their vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamin, helps fuel your body by converting blood sugar into energy. It keeps your mucous membranes healthy and is essential for nervous system, cardiovascular and muscular function. Since B-Vitamins are water soluble, you need a continuous supply of them in your food. Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin.

The suggested dosage per day is 1 milligram.

Sources of Thiamin:
The best sources of Vitamin B1 are yeasts and liver however most children and adults rarely consume these so the following foods are good sources of Vitamin B1:

Whole-grain cereals
Rye and whole-wheat flour
Wheat germ
Navy beans and kidney beans

It’s pretty rare in the United States for a person to be deficient in this vitamin. A lack of it can cause beriberi, a condition that involves confusion, muscle wasting, nerve problems and a rapid heartbeat. It’s usually only seen in the United States in babies who are fed formula that isn’t supplemented with Vitamin B1 or in people who drink large amounts of alcohol.



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