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Fruit and Cheese Turkey Kabobs

on November 15, 2012


Regardless of what holiday it is, I always love trying out creative new ways to make healthy snacks that are both in the theme of the specific holiday and also ones that the kids will love to help with.

This kabob turkey tray is not only easy to make, but is the perfect way to get the kids involved and excited about helping in the kitchen!  It requires few ingredients and the best part is that since the base is a winter squash, you can use it for family dinner well after the holidays!

Fruit and Cheese Turkey Kabobs

Here is what you need!

– your favorite cheeses cut into cubes

– fruits that stick well such as grapes or you can even use olives and cherry tomatoes

– one winter squash, I like using spaghetti squash

– half of a pear

– raisins, apples, etc to make the face.

– crackers


1. Alternate grapes and cheese onto skewers.  I usually make 10-15, depending on how large the squash is.

2. Stick all skewers into on half of the squash so that they are spread out in a fan like fashion.

3.  Take a toothpick and pin the half of the pair skin side out to the front of the squash to act as the face.

4.  Use a variety of garnishes such as raisins for eyes, and a slice of cheese or orange and bell pepper for the beak.


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