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Tips On Bundling Up Your Little Ones This Winter

on November 24, 2012

With the temperatures slowing getting cooler, it is important to make sure the little ones are bundled up to help them avoid becoming sick.  Here are a few easy tips to follow when sending them outside to play this winter!

When layering for cold temperatures, you can’t simply grab a few items from the drawer and put them on. On the contrary, the fabrics you choose are really important since some can benefit and others can actually make the cold worse.  Natural fibers aren’t a good choice for a first layer. The first layer should be a synthetic fabric, like polypropylene next to your skin. This wicks the moisture away from your body. Avoid cotton as the first layer next to the skin. If there is any moisture, it will hold it in the cotton and will keep you cold.


While the first layer keeps your body’s moisture at bay, the second layer’s purpose is to keep your body’s natural heat in. Much like a house, you need a fiber that will keep the cold out and the warmth in. This is either a fleece or synthetic layer. Light weight down jackets can go in place of a fleece as well.

The top layer has a different function. It acts like a shield, reflecting the elements away from the body. This outer shell helps protect against elements such as wind, rain, or snow.

Your mom probably told you to keep your hat on so you don’t get cold. She wasn’t kidding around. Children and adults can lose a lot of body heat by not properly covering their feet, hands and head. About 10% of heat is lost through our heads.



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