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Snowman Craft Project

on November 28, 2012

Having a hard time letting your little ones go outside in the snow to make a snowman out of fear of them catching a cold?!?  Here is the perfect craft project to do with them that is easy to make, uses everyday items you already have and they can build their perfect snowman indoors!!

Heavy blue card stock paper
Shaving Cream
White Elmer’s glue
Black and orange card stock for the nose, eyes, hat, and pieces of coal


1.  Mix equal parts of the shaving cream and glue. Mix well.

2.  Have the kids draw an outline of a snowman with a pencil first and then gave them foam paint brushes to fill it in with the mixture.

3.  Then cut out black hats and orange noses.

4.  Use a hole punch for the eyes and pieces of coal. After the mixture dried they glued on the hat, eyes, pieces of coal and nose.

5.  Then let them decorate their pictures with markers.



One response to “Snowman Craft Project

  1. This is such a cute idea to do with little ones during the holiday! love it!

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