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Kids Wall Art

on January 8, 2013

ImageOnly so much artwork can fit on the fridge. Don’t throw out or put away your kids artwork. Instead try one of these  unique and creative ways to display or use the art:

1. Grandparents love handmade creations from the grand kids.  Set aside a collection for each set of your folks, and surprise them with a book of art for their coffee table or for their cubicle at work. What grandparent doesn’t love bragging about their grand kids?

2. Rotate the best artwork in frames. Assign a few frames throughout the house to displaying recent works of art. Have your kids pick out their favorite, and hang those in their bedroom or playroom. Select your favorites, and display them where you’ll enjoy them.

3. Try creating a fun designated bulletin board. If there’s still a ton of art you or your kids love after framing the best, designate a bulletin board in their room just for their art. They can hang as many well-loved pieces as can fit on the board, which keeps tangible boundaries on the quantity.

4. Take photos of the art and make a book! If it breaks your heart at the thought of tossing the art and somehow losing its memory, take a digital photo of the piece before getting rid of it. You can digitally store their work on a CD and make a digital photo album or book.

5. Try hanging them from a clotheline. Find a long piece of ribbon, twine, clothesline, thin rope, yarn, etc. and hang it from 2 or 3 nails or hooks — letting it swoop down a bit between hooks. Then take clothes pins and pin their artwork to the string.

6. Reuse them as wrapping paper or cards! This is a perfect way to use up some of the large drawings and art projects your kids bring home (maybe after you’ve displayed them for a month).Let your kids use their artwork as wrapping paper for their grandparents’ gift — or use smaller artwork to make invitations, thank-you cards, or even blank note cards. This is a great way to reuse, repurpose, and recycle

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