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I can eat it, so I put it on my daughter’s skin (a follow up)

on January 25, 2013

coconutRemember a couple of weeks ago when Megan Monday brought us a disturbing article about all the chemicals in the products we (probably) use on ourselves and our children?  “If you can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on your skin” sent me running for my medicine cabinets and bathroom countertops.  Just because we were smart enough to bring Megan on our team, doesn’t mean we know in advance the information she is helping us pass on to you.  It doesn’t even mean we are half as aware as we should be.

As I was scanning the backs of every bottle in my daughters’ bathroom like a crazy woman, I stopped and thought, “I can’t do it all.  I can’t fix EVERYTHING.”  This whole scene is not uncommon for me.  Get a piece of news.  Freak out.  Decide to change everything I currently do.  (Hopefully) take a breath and realize I can’t do it all, but maybe I can do something.  So I chose something.

Since my daughter Rachel inherited her mother’s skin (the only thing I prayed she wouldn’t inherit when she was in the womb) she is constantly plagued by bumps, redness, eczema, you name it.  I’ve tried all natural shampoos, fragrance free everything, Seventh Generation, Aveeno, California Baby.  All the brands I’m not supposed to use and all the brands I am supposed to use.  The bumps on her arms have come and gone but never for good.  So, I bought some coconut oil, a piece of advice from Megan’s article, and took a chance rubbing it on her skin after bath one night.  “What could I lose?” I thought.  “At least it’ll smell like the beach in here.”

The next morning, her skin was smooth as silk.  Redness on her cheeks was gone and the bumps on her arm had disappeared.  Really?  Amazing.

If I (or my husband…) forget to put coconut oil on her skin one night, the bumps resurface a bit.  That could be a product of so many things (and my brain screams “detergent! water! FIX EVERYTHING!”) But for now, we are trying to be more diligent with a little fancy lotion after bath.   Plus she loves how yummy it smells.  And clearly so do I.


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