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Jamie Oliver Launches Food Tube

on January 27, 2013

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I didn’t really know who Jamie Oliver was until his show, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” that aired in 2010 and focused on completely transforming the unhealthy eating habits of Huntington, WV.  Cited as one of the unhealthiest cities in our country, Huntington was a brutal, but successful effort, proving that bad habits can be broken.  Watching that season, I was especially sad for the kids, who voluntarily spoke out about their difficulties being overweight and their desire to change.  Jamie Oliver’s humorous, down-to-Earth, simple approach to health and nutrition spoke to the people of Huntington and many people around the world today.  It doesn’t hurt that he always seems to be having a blast, even when he’s leading up a massive crusade against a “harmless” organization like the National School Lunch Program.  (You’ve probably seen our thoughts on tomato sauce as a vegetable…ugh)

Just over a week ago, Jamie relaunched his YouTube channel as Food Tube.  There are several great introductory videos to this endeavor, but he breaks it down simply here.

Time will tell if this channel will upend YouTube’s own efforts at a Food Network, or if the two will work in tandem to simply reach more people overall.

We are eager to see what Jamie has in store for us in the days ahead.  With almost 130,000 subscribers so far.  It’s safe to say we’re not alone.


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