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Advocates for Food Change and Helping Each Other Navigate the Path

on February 3, 2013

MSF FULL LOGOA couple months ago, I bought a book called The Unhealthy Truth, by Robyn O’Brien.  Ok, full disclosure, I haven’t read it yet.  But it makes a nice centerpiece for my bedside table and I do plan to eventually read it.  Now more than ever, since I recently stumbled on this interview from 100 Days of Real Food.  The video, in particular that is embedded in the interview page is the most compelling.  O’Brien is poised, real, honest, and convincing.  Oh, and a mother of four.  I watched the video and thought, “How did she manage to do all that she has done?”  That was about 1 minute prior to her confession that when she had her “I need to act” moment, she was struck by how ridiculous and impossible that sounded.  Even now, years into her journey, she evokes a feeling of still putting one foot in front of the other.  All while making a real difference.

I had a conversation with my dad the other night.  He was complaining about how my mom only buys organic food now.  Organic milk, organic berries, organic ketchup?   Ketchup?!  How it was all my fault, for sharing information with her and starting MySuperFoods.  As if it were hurting him.  (Don’t misinterpret…I love him dearly and he’s one of my biggest supporters in the business.  But wildly misinformed when it comes to food.)  He said, “why can’t we just eat normal food?”  And my reply was, “great question, Dad.  That’s what she’s trying to do.”

Those who naysay the “hype” around organic, all natural, hormone free, non GMO, and the like are stuck.  For one reason or another, they don’t believe what’s happening to our food supply or to “other people” who are getting very sick.  Even dying.  But it is happening.  And if we are lucky enough to gather information and change what we can, in whatever small way we can, that should be shared.  I find the information I most respond to is personal and on a very small scale.  The shocking, graphical stories are great for the news, but I do better with honest and information that is shared with kindness.  I know moms who look with disdain at other moms who don’t buy organic chicken.  Is that really the best course of action?  Probably not.  Before I knew anything about nutrition, I hated when other people told me what to eat.  It felt like a parent forcing a child to eat her vegetables.  (I’ll let you guess how that normally ends)  But eventually I responded to those who gave me a chance to make small changes on my own by suggesting painless first steps and reasons why it benefitted me in the first place.  I think the reason I responded to the O’Brien interview in the first place was that she, more than once, admitted to her past horrible eating habits and said her own family changes for the better came from small, manageable steps.

Silvia and I started MySuperFoods in the hope that we could not only make great food for kids, but we could share the information we were already busy gathering on our own.  We never wanted to be “just” a food company, because we felt like moms, ourselves included, need more than that. We want to know what our other mom friends are feeding their kids, what books they are reading and discipline tactics they are using.  (Especially if they are working!) We don’t want to ever appear to be out here with a mega phone and a soap box, professing our rise to genius status.  We love hearing from people and learning as we go.  So go ahead, tell us what we need to know about!  But if you’ve read the Unhealthy Truth, don’t ruin the ending for me!


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