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Love Bomb? Now That’s Something Worth Fighting For.

on February 9, 2013

LoveBombKidsCraft-1A friend of mine recently sent me a link for an adorable blog called No Time For Flashcards and since it sometimes (often times…) feels that way in our house, I quickly checked it out.  Then, having no time to actually look through and select a fun project for my daughters and I to do, bookmarked it and walked away.

Sound familiar?

Well, I just combed through the bloggers list of Favorite Early Learning Activities of 2012 and found an adorable, Valentine’s Day themed activity.  It’s called LOVE BOMB.  See?  I just saved you 15 minutes.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Love bomb is adorable and easy but equal parts loud and messy.  Just enough that the kids will feel like they are getting away with something.  I will have to cut up these tiny papers for my girls myself, but I think they will love the grand finale.  Just as much as me.

Don’t forget to check out this and other great Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your kids on our Pinterest page! Bombs away…


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