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I Don’t Always Want to Play in the Snow With My Kids

on February 16, 2013


There.  I said it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually love winter.  I love the dropping temps, the first second and 14th snowfall.  I even love shoveling snow (ok, maybe not at 6am…).  But sometimes I just don’t have it in me for the battle of getting my 3-year-old monkeys bundled up and out the door for a chance to jump and throw and make a frosty out of the chilly manna from heaven.

Last week, we got 10 inches of snow.  My husband gets as excited about snow now as he did as a kid.  So, home early from work, he stole the last moments of daylight to get the girls bundled up for a snowy adventure.  There were screams of joy, there was jumping, there was even a song.  Then, it was time to get snow gear on.  When asked if I wanted to join them, I said, “I’ll go out tomorrow, I need to finish some work and make dinner.”  Darn.  What I was really thinking was, “It’s Friday at 4pm.  You are home.  I am free.  The last thing on Earth I want to attempt right now is getting 14 layers of clothing on my adorable, over-excited, squirmy children.  God speed.

I finished some work, I started dinner, I even threw in some laundry.  And. They. Still. Weren’t. Dressed.  Thirty minutes later.  Yes, THIRTY!  They were out the door.  By that point, my husband’s snow high had melted and he was on the brink of waging a full on snow ball fight.  Take no prisoners, little ladies.  I giggled as quietly as possible as I told them to “have fun.”

Sauntering back to the kitchen with my “I-told-you-so” grin, I glanced out the window seconds later and they were already having a blast.  A real, honest-to-goodness good time.  As if the pain of getting ready to get out were over.  I was, I’ll admit, a little jealous.  But I was enjoying my quiet too much to fall into the trap of family bonding.

So, the next morning, when we awoke to a lawn and neighborhood quietly tucked in to 10 beautiful inches, I took several deep breaths and looked forward to our first family sledding adventure.  Yes, it took forever (not 30 minutes, my darling husband…what was he DOING?!) and yes, we were all hot before we had to stuff ourselves into the car to find a hill in our new town.  But the moment we got out of the car and started falling on purpose, WITH purpose into the icy snow, we were laughing and laughing so hard I forgot all about how we got there.  In the end, we each took a successful few runs down the hill, threw some snowballs, made a Frosty, and enjoyed some steamy hot chocolate when we got home.  I might not always want to play in the snow with my children, but when I do, I never regret it.

For some other fun, family snow ideas, check out this list from


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