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Too Many Snacks

on March 5, 2013

As Sally Kuzemchak, R.D. skillfully weaves in “The Snack Epidemic” (Parents Magazine, March 2013), our children are living in a world of snack overload. As she retells her experience of cupcakes and sugar-loaded juice at a 10:30am peewee soccer game, I found myself nodding along.  I, too, shuddered the first, second, third day of preschool announcing “juice” as the drink of choice at snack time.  Apple juice, lemonade, whatever.  Sugar loaded beverages I never offer at home.  But, as a firm believer in “everything in moderation” I shrugged and thought, “it’s 2 days a week during one snack.  They are fine.”  And they are.  It really isn’t a big deal.  For now.  My fear comes from Kuzemchak’s “look ahead” into her older child years.  A world of 24/7 school, sports, birthday parties that we have yet to enter.  Not only that, but the opposition she faced when she boldly suggested a healthier fare was more than discouraging.

According to a recent Mintel study, kids today eat 3 snacks a day, compared to 1 a day 30 years ago.  If every bite is loaded with artificial colors, flavors, sugar and empty calories, it’s not hard to understand why we are facing a 20-30% childhood obesity rate in this country.

Whether they snack once, three times, or none at all, the best option is a healthy one.  I recently stumbled on these adorable Frozen Yogurt Dots frozen yogurt dotsfrom Shutterbean and I literally had to stop myself from making them.  Immediately.  I do not have picky eaters in my house (though they do their fair share of “asserting themselves” at the table) but I know that these will be a HUGE hit in our house.  And knowing that I can use plain greek yogurt and blend in some blueberries or strawberries of my own?  Well that’s a huge win in my house.


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