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Easter Egg Birdhouses

on March 26, 2013

So yesterday it was snowing. That’s right. It was snowing the week of Easter. Not only was it snowing, but my kids are also off from school this week. This meant trying to keep them occupied inside because it was too cold to go outside and ride their new scooters (bummer).


A craft was definitely in order, but I didn’t feel like running to the store to buy supplies. I remembered seeing these peep houses and thinking how cute they would be to house Easter eggs. Can you believe that I already had everything I needed to make them in my pantry and craft cabinet? What are the chances? So I got out the paints, eggs, graham crackers, cookie icing, and sprinkles.

I decided to blow out the contents of the eggs instead of boiling them. Who has time for that? Plus, I was in the mood for scrambled eggs for lunch! Because the eggs shells are delicate, a few of our eggs “hatched.” Oops. Errr, I mean that was totally intentional. Instead of dyeing the eggs, I let the kids paint them, and I think the end result was pretty amazing.




Next, I assembled the graham cracker birdhouses. I have to admit that I’m probably the worst graham cracker birdhouse builder ever. I’m too impatient to wait for the base to dry before putting on the roof, which means I have to rebuild each birdhouse about 20 times. And see all that drippy icing? These are what I like to call “rustic” birdhouses. You could even assemble them with peanut butter, decorate with birdseed, and put them outside after Easter for the birds. We have a peanut allergy in our house, so we stuck to the cookie icing version.

Once they dried I put a little Easter grass inside and a painted egg and put them on our fireplace mantle. Cute, right?! I think they would also look adorable as a centerpiece or grouped together on a cake stand.



If we were going to decorate the mantle, we needed a garland to hang too. I picked up these flowers from the dollar bin at Target awhile ago with no purpose in mind…


and realized they would be perfect for a festive spring garland. I simply tied them to some jute twine and hung the garland on the mantle.


It may not feel like Spring outside, but it certainly does in our house!


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