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I Have Had Enough!

on March 26, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.12.21 PMLast week, I came across this article on the dairy industry and how farmers are lobbying Congress to add ASPARTAME to milk so that kids would drink it more often, avoiding the need to add calories.  Yes, A-S-P-A-R-T-A-M-E in your child’s school lunch milk.  (Quick refresher, aspartame breaks down into various toxic chemicals in our body, one being formaldehyde)  Oh, and here’s the best part, they want special permission not to have to disclose that aspartame is in the milk!   And just to sweeten the deal, they included other dairy products in this “bill”, like yogurt, sour cream, half and half, etc.  So someday soon, you may go buy some yogurt for your child that has been sweetened with aspartame, but you won’t even know it, because it will not be on the label.

Two days after that disturbing piece, I read about all of the toxic ingredients in new KFC kids meals that are being marketed as “healthy”, but are loaded with chemicals — even the green beans have MSG.  Not to mention the insane amount of calories and sodium for a kids meal: 900 calories and 1000g of sodium!

Fast forward a few days to last Sunday night, and Dateline has a segment on all of the toxins in our home, such as BPA in cans and plastic; Phthalates in just about every product we use that says “fragrance or parfum”; and Triclosan, a controversial antibacterial agent used in everything from toothpaste to hand soap.  Triclosan is the antibacterial chemical used in the Dial soaps — even those cute Hello Kitty ones marketed at kids.  Here’s where it gets ugly, Triclosan penetrates the skin on contact and enters the bloodstream.  Triclosan is a known hormone disruptor and when mixed with chlorine in our tap water, creates chloroform, a probable human carcinogen.  So, brushing your teeth or washing your hands with products that contain Triclosan and using tap water at the same time can cause cancer.  Are you kidding me!!!!

Since when did it become okay to “enhance” food with chemicals and toxins and feed it our kids?  Kids whose bodies are growing and need nutrition, not toxins.  Kids whose behavior and development are being affected by all of the awful things that these irresponsible food companies are putting in their food!  Why does the FDA allow “probable” carcinogens to be added to soaps and toothpaste that is made for and marketed to kids? Do the people that are creating these products not have kids themselves?  Do they just convince themselves that all the studies are incorrect?  At what point will these companies man up and take action?  When will they realize that the drastic increase in allergies, autism, ADHD and a slew of other childhood illnesses are not accidental?  These irresponsible companies are making our children sick.  Worst of all, they are making our children sick in order to make more money for themselves and their shareholders.  How did we get to point where profits are more important than our children’s health and well being?  Hey listen, I am an entrepreneur.  I get corporate profits.  But I also know that a company can achieve both — do what’s right for it’s consumer and for it’s shareholders.  Maybe their margins will be squeezed a bit, but so what?

Stop using Triclosan and all the other known toxins in health and beauty products. Stop (falsely) advertising food that is laced with a dozen chemicals as healthy.  Stop trying make the already unhealthy school lunches, even less healthy.  Stop putting your corporate profits above my child’s well being.  Stop lying to us. Enough.




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